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Professional 12v Jump Starter Pack

Professional 12v Jump Starter Pack

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Easy Start 1 2200 PEAK AMPS our latest unit for use on most 12 Volt vehicles Diesel or petrol, watercraft or industrial machine .

Super cranking amps from our newest AGM battery put with the highest quJTMJumpstarters - Prices Displayed Do Not include Vatality components .

  • 12  Volt output 2200 Peak Amps Starting Power
  • Custome made Safety 12 Volt switching Technology
  • Solid State LED Volage Indicator
  • 5 Amp Microprocessor Controlled Multi - Stage Charger
  • Internal Surge and Spike Surpression
  • Super Flexible 35 sq Power Cables With 500 amp Clamps
  • Fully insulated Power clamps as standard
  • Ultra strong power coated steel casing
  • High capacity AGM battery
  • Weight 10 Kg
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