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Battery Recycling

Government legislation requires wholesalers and retailers to meet certain battery recycling standards. Lead-acid batteries are dangerous materials and pose hazards when disposed of inappropriately because of the corrosive acid and toxic lead they contain.

WEEE Ireland Battery Compliance Scheme

We accept old and used Automotive, Industrial and Portable batteries from consumers free of charge whether or not you are making a purchase. This is intended to provide a convenient recycling system for consumers. These waste batteries are then collected by our recycling partner Highvolt ireland reg WCP-09-1232-01. Batteries must never be placed in your waste disposal Waste batteries must be placed in a battery recycling bin. Battery Recycling Keeps all the hazardous metals in one place. The metals reclaimed are reused and put back into the manufacturing process to build more batteries. The plastic is recycled to be used again. The costs of land filling the batteries are saved.

Establishes good environmental and public relations policies

Saves natural resources

Conserves for future generations