manufacturing Industry Leading Jump Starter Technology For Commercial Applications, for over 30 years.
manufacturing Industry Leading Jump Starter Technology For Commercial Applications, for over 30 years.

Warranty Policy

Warranty Period

JTM products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period set forth below. All warranty periods are from the date of purchase (dated sales receipt required) by the end user unless the product was invoiced by JTM to their customer more than 1 year ago (in which case the warranty period is deemed expired).

For the purpose of determining if a product failed within the warranty period, the client has 5 working days to report the event to JTM. Events reported later than 5 working days will be considered to have occurred 5 working days before the event was reported to JTM.

Some of our products have limited shelf-life when not properly maintained. All rechargeable products should be recharged at maximum 3 months intervals.


Products with 1 year warranty period – Labour, parts and freight (one way):

EV Rescue 5k /10k.......

EVSE Test Box............

Easy Start 1/2.........

Res-Q-Pac 3.......... 


Service parts.............. 

Service repairs............                




The JTM guarantee is not extended to products which, in JTM’s judgement, have been misused, abused or modified from their original state. Warranty is void if a warranty seal has been broken without written permission from JTM.

Repairs or interventions may only be performed by the customer when explicit written authorisation has been given by JTM.



See “Return procedure Service/Warranty/Repair” for details on how to handle specific warranty situations.

The end user original sales receipt is required for all warranty claims.

All returns to JTM must be accompanied by an RMA (Return Materials Authorisation) form issued by JTM or they will be sent back at the customer’s expense. If authorised, returns must be shipped freight prepaid.



Apart from other costs which may apply, a standard fee of €50 per warranty case will be charged for handling, diagnosis and administration in case the warranty claim is not accepted.


This policy exists solely to provide end users with warranty coverage for JTM products. The foregoing warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, whether oral, written, expressed, implied or statutory, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability.